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Biography 36

Since summer of 2017 I have been employed as a professor assistant in Isfahan University of Technology. During 2013-2017 I did a postdoc in the Polytechnic University of Tehran, under the supervision of Massoud Pourmahdian and funded by the National Foundation of Elites, and two postdocs in Albert-Ludwig Universitaet Freiburg, in Germany under the supervision of Martin Ziegler. During 2009 to 2013 I studied in the University of Manchester in the UK and did PhD under the supervision of Alex Wilkie and funded by Maloa. I spent my secondments in the University of Oxford and University of Lyon, and defended PhD thesis in 2013 with Boris Zilber and Gareth Jones as referees.

My earlier education was in the Polytechnic University of Tehran where I earned a master's degree under the supervision of Massoud Pourmahdian and Farhad Rahmati.

My main interest is in Model Theory and Algebra. At the moment I am working on an o-minimality project suggested by Philipp Hieronymi with a PhD student (Afshin Zarei). At the same time I am collaborating with Massoud Pourmahdian on a Hrushovski construction project.

We have an active group of Logic in Isfahan University of Technology, where we have daily work meetings and weekly seminars.  We often watch films of talks to compensate for our lack of access to speakers! Here is the page of our group.

I also have teaching duties whose details can be found on my Persian page here





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